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What Connecticut cities see the most distracted driving crashes?

Distracted driving can lead to serious collisions. A recent analysis looked into how many accidents involving distracted driving the different cities, towns and villages in Connecticut have seen in the period running from 2015 to 2018. It did this by reviewing traffic data that went up to Sept. 8 of this year.

The top five

What Connecticut cities did this analysis find had the most distracted driving accidents over the above-mentioned period? Here are the top five:

  • No. 1 - New Haven - 1,406 crashes
  • No. 2 - Hartford - 1,062 crashes
  • No. 3 - Bridgeport - 914 crashes
  • No. 4 - Waterbury - 831 crashes
  • No. 5 - Meriden - 646 crashes

What about distracted driving crashes involving teen drivers?

The analysis also ranked Connecticut municipalities on how many teen-driver-involved distracted driving crashes they saw over this period. As with distracted driving crashes generally, New Haven was ranked No. 1 and Meriden was ranked No. 5. However, the rest of the top five looked quite different, with Danbury, Farmington and West Hartford taking up the middle spots.

Where did New Britain rank?

For distracted driving crashes in general, New Britain was in the top 20. It ranked 18th, with 381 accidents. It was much farther down in the rankings for teen-driver-related distracted driving accidents, barely cracking the top 40.

Preventing distracted driving

Wherever it happens in the state, distracted driving can create major dangers. So, it is important for all drivers in Connecticut to avoid being distracted behind the wheel. Common sources of distractions for drivers include:

  • Cellphones
  • Other portable electronic devices
  • Food and drink
  • Navigation systems
  • Passengers
  • Car systems, such as radios

What steps would you like to see the state’s drivers take to avoid getting distracted by such things?

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