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Innovative ways to optimize your fleet management

If you are responsible for overseeing a fleet of company-managed vehicles at your business in Connecticut, you may be looking for ways to optimize the process of fleet management while maximizing its effectiveness in preventing accidents. At Weber & Carrier, LLP, Attorneys and Counselors at Law, we understand the challenges of maintaining a fleet.

Safety equipment can reduce big truck accidents

Whether you are driving on Connecticut highways or winding rural roads, big trucks can cause frustration and concern. From unsafe lane changes and high speeds to crossing the double yellow line, tractor-trailer trucks are often viewed as a safety hazard. At Weber & Carrier, LLP, we often work with clients injured in truck accidents as a result of negligence.

What can truckers do to reduce the risk of accidents?

Motorists often find themselves driving alongside commercial trucks on Connecticut highways. In this case, ensuring that all who share the road remain safe and secure is a responsibility of everyone, including truckers. While you can't always prevent accidents from occurring, the actions motorists take can greatly reduce the risk of a crash. Accordingly, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration explains what the drivers of big rigs must do to prevent collisions from occurring.

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