Meeting Your Land Use Concerns With Experienced Advocacy

Land use and zoning regulations are constantly evolving to meet the developmental needs of municipalities. Depending upon the zoning or land use issues at hand, a variety of documents must be filed according to specific deadlines. Consulting with an experienced attorney ensures that the proper documents are completed properly and in a timely fashion so that the process runs smoothly.

At Weber & Carrier, LLP, our experienced land use lawyers have decades of experience providing legal advice and representation to clients in a broad array of land use matters. We understand the care with which these projects must proceed. You can count on our firm to provide thorough preparation and attention to detail.

Staying Current With Evolving Zoning Laws To Better Serve Your Business

Since 1968, our firm has provided representation to individuals and business owners in a variety of land use and zoning issues such as:

  • Liquor permits
  • Variances
  • Plat and site plan applications
  • Subdivision applications
  • Zoning violations
  • Environmental impacts
  • Land use planning
  • Appeals of land use decisions

Additionally, our firm is regularly called upon to provide guidance and representation to municipal boards and authorities in municipal law matters. We have advised and represented clients on matters involving municipal codes, bylaws, ordinances, and other regulations and real estate matters.

Reach Out To Us Today For Trusted Guidance And Representation

At Weber & Carrier, LLP, our attorneys have a passion to serve our community and businesses in Hartford County with excellence. Call our office in New Britain at 860-225-9463 for a free consultation to discuss your questions regarding land use and zoning matters. If you prefer, you may give us a brief description of your concern using our online form.